Friday, October 21, 2011

"The Saga..."

 It started out to be an ordinary day...but really are there any ordinary days with Mercy Ships?  Unexpected events are not unusual...they range from an amazing surgery with a patient... to generator forklifts falling in the water....
Yes, you read that correctly!  A forklift ran over the edge of the dock and was wedged between the ship and that edge of the dock....
Until the ships moved-in went the forklift.  So, the port graciously brought over a TEREX to help to try to lift it out of the water.
With cables hooked up, they moved the TEREX over to the edge of the dock...with the crew lined up on Deck 7 watching the events...

But alas, it was getting too dark and the TEREX was unable to resurrect the forklift.  So, the forklift spent the night at the bottom of the ocean.
In the morning, the port brought over a larger crane to pull out the forklift.  It was such a sad sight!

Thanks for our wonderful divers for helping to retrieve the forklift!

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