Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Teenage Thoughts..."

10 Reasons why Living on a Ship is Better Than Living on Land

1. You get to see your friends 24/7
2. If you have trouble in a class you can find a teacher any time
3. You learn about different cultures
4. You learn different ways to say one word
5. You pay $0.75 for a one shot frappachino
6. You become friends with people from all over the world
7. You experience different foods (whether you think it's good or not is your choice)
8. You get the opportunity to work in almost any department on board
9. You get to celebrate different holidays from different countries
10. If you break a bone you don't have to wait an hour for a cast, there are doctors everywhere on the ship!
 (So her friend did a counter attack...)
So in the counter attack of Alisia's "10 reasons why living on Ship is better then land" I (Lara) am going to write about why living on Land is better than living on the ship...

1) No UHT milk/milch! - This is milk that has been heat treated so that it can withstand higher temperatures and not expire, but it leaves the milk with a nasty after taste.
2) Next Day deliviery - When on land you can order things off the internet and have them delivered to your door the next day whereas on the ship it could take months to get here.

3) Better Internet - On land you can use Youtube, Download music, videos and shows
4) Can get away from Work - We live at work here, no matter where you go, your work colleages are always around and always wanting to ask a question
5) Malls and Shopping - There are no Malls and no shopping centres on the ship for obvious reasons.
6) My Own Room - Here on the ship families and many singles have to share a room.
7) Up to date Movies and Music- We are so behind the time that we have not seen movies or heard music that have come out over a year ago, let alone know about them

8) No Privacy - Everyone on the ship knows your buisness and you know everyone elses, this might be due to the fact that the walls are so thin and if you move in one room, they will hear you in the next.
9) Silence is golden - There is always a machine running or someone talking or some music playing everywhere you go.

10) Social Life - We, the youth, have decided that we do not have a social life. If we lived on land there would be places to go, people to see and places to do things.

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