Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Gape Aloyi finale..."

This might be a bit of a longer blog...I really want to finish our journey...So, here we go...
We handed out our presents and then we headed back over to the dispensary/hospital to drop off some things we brought for them.  I was left outside with Joshua, Alisia, and Nathaniel...the village kids warmed up to us and started mobbing the Nissan.  The kids love to have their picture taken and then like to look at their picture.

Even some of the village Ma-Ma's like to have their pictures taken.  We had more fun with these ladies...They said that next time we return to the village we are to be pregnant with more babies!
Speaking of babies...while we were at lunch the Ma-Ma who was expecting her twins gave birth.  While we were back a the dispensary/hospital they brought out the twins...both boys!
Twins are not unusual in West Africa - boys are a double blessing!
Proud Pa-Pa.  The whole village was rejoicing!!
So, it was finally time to say good-bye.   But wait...we have to make one more stop...the chief's brother wants to show us his place.
This is the brother of the chief's family.  (The brother is the shirtless one.)  He then had to show us around his place and the "job" he does. 
Eric showed us the teak plants.  When you take the tender leaves and crush them they make this dark red stain that is used in coloring and gives teak it's wonderful color.  The brother is growing a teak forest as his "retirement".  But his main job is a Palm Wine distillary.
 Palm Wine basically smells and tastes similar to rubbing alcohol.
They bottle the Palm Wine in water bottles.  Fortunately, Mike took a sniff before tasting.  We were given several bottles of it...and passed them onto Eric.
Finally...after one more present...We think it was a yam root...
We headed home.
It had been an amazing day.  One we will never forget. 

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